Woodcote Lane

Woodcote Lane runs from Foxley Lane to Upper Woodcote Village, and has a wide carriageway which is bordered by grass verges, hedges and trees so old that their branches intertwine high above the road. 

The road has a feel of spaciousness and the tall old trees lend it a certain grandeur. The road has gentle curves and is bordered by substantial houses set in some of the largest gardens of the estate.

The road has been home to schools since the estate was established. Most recently, Cumnor House, a long established private school in Croydon, has established its girls' school in an existing school building and grounds, located close to the junction with Rose Walk and Promenade de Verdun. At the other end of the Lane, Treetops Nursery is to be found.

Road charges including sinking fund are £500 per annum.