Upper Woodcote Village

Laid out in 1903, Upper Woodcote Model Village, the first residential section of the Estate to be completed by Webb, is accessible from both Woodcote Lane and Silver Lane.

The four acre green which lies at its centre is encircled by a road, on the outside of which stand the houses. Built behind a grass verge and hedges, and set amongst trees these were originally intended as cottages for the labourers on the estate, for whom, however, they proved too expensive. The lack of licensed premises (Webb was a Quaker) also discouraged locals from working on the Estate.

When the green was first laid out, Webb introduced a flock of geese to a pond he had built in one corner. The geese did not remain for many years as apart from being untidy, the only purpose they seemed to serve was to amuse the local dogs. The pond was eventually filled in.

The "Village Inn" named The Lord Roberts Temperance Inn after Field Marshall Lord Roberts was affectionately referred to as a "pub with no beer." The Lord Roberts is now a stylish coffee shop with post office.

Road charges including sinking fund are £150 per annum.