Gate Access Information

The gates all operate on an induction loop which will automatically open the gates (slowly) as a car pulls up.

At the Silver Lane Gates and Furze Hill gates however, at certain times, in order to deter rat running, the loop will be over-ridden by a push button operation. This will require the driver to get out of the car and push a button to open the gates.

The push button operation is currently running as follows;

Furze Hill - Midnight to 9am, Monday to Friday and from Midnight to 6am at the weekend.

Silver Lane - 7:30am to 9:30am and 3pm to 6:30pm.

These times may be varied from time to time.

For the convenience of residents & authorised regular visitors, during these times the gates can still be opened by without the need to get out of the car by using either a fob or a registered mobile phone.

Residents will be able to purchase new fobs (to work all 4 estate gates) at £28 plus vat each (£33.60). 

The mobile phone system will cost £10 per phone and requires the mobile number to be registered, a phone number will then be provided and when it is called by the registered mobile phone (a free call) the gates called will open.  The phone does not need to be in the vicinity of the gates to do this, so can be done from your house for example. The gates will not open if an unregistered mobile calls the number.  There is a number for each of the 4 gates on the estate.

In order to purchase either a new fob or set up ‘open by mobile’ residents will need to please complete & return the application form.