Furze Lane

Furze Lane climbs uphill from Foxley Lane, twisting and bending past the junction with Furze Hill in a semicircle until it returns to Foxley Lane.

Because Furze Lane runs up a steep slope, the gardens on the south-west need retaining banks or walls, whereas the gardens opposite lie below road level. The effect of this topographical prevalence upon the greenery is considerable. The visitor also has the impression of the plants straining against and even escaping the confines of the gardens, an effect enhanced by the abundance of grass verges and hedges. Halfway along this road, it plunges sharply down and rises equally suddenly, as the name of number 10, Updownhill, suggests.

The road swings north-west, where it meets Furze Hill. Here the housing is mainly semi-detached, instead of the detached houses at its lower end and elsewhere on the Estate. Many of the semi-detached houses were built before the First World War, and have distinctive bay windows, replaced elsewhere on the Estate by extensions to most of the larger houses.

Road charges including sinking fund are £260 per annum.