Furze Hill and Foxglove Gardens

Furze Hill & FOXGLOVE GARDENS, laid out in 1906, gently winds its way up a steep incline to join Silver Lane, where it is greeted by plain wrought iron gates hung on stone pillars.

The road is bordered by shingle footpaths, and the gardens are hidden behind privet hedges and a rich variety of trees and bushes. The properties are large, set in extensive grounds. Along with Furze Lane and Briar Hill, these roads broadly encompass the area once known as Furzey Down. Some years ago, a set of pillars was erected just after Furze Hill meets Furze Lane.  Further, there have been some substantial redevelopments of properties on this road. 

Foxglove Gardens, a recently developed cul-de-sac, leads off Furze Hill and on to three large properties. Gates hung on brick pillars are adorned by a pair of distinctive lanterns. The drive leading to the houses is bordered by a variety of mature shrubs and bushes which lend elegance and rustic charm to this quiet bit of woodland.

Road charges including sinking fund are £500 per annum.