October 2017

Dear Webb Estate Resident,


Estate Wide Superfast Broadband (FTTP) Proposal

This paper sets out a proposal to install a high-speed fibre broadband network throughout the Estate. After a great deal of work we have managed to obtain a very competitive offer from BT/Openreach. This is strictly time limited and to proceed we need a minimum number of households on the Estate to commit. This paper discusses the proposal and we will arrange for meetings in the very near future to discuss further.

Over the last 12 months, significant work has been undertaken by a number of residents to attempt to address the lack of adequate Broadband service to the Webb Estate.

Average bandwidth is 25-40Mps, with some properties only achieving 6Mps versus an accepted minimum requirement of 100Mps.

As well as actual demand for daily use by residents, having high speed and reliable broadband is becoming a critical purchasing decision requirement for many home buyers.

The lack of suitable speeds should be of concern to ALL residents, even those who do not themselves today require/use broadband for the reasons explained in the attached document.

Unfortunately for us, the Estate is an anomaly in terms of where FTTP (Fibre To The Premises) will be rolled out in order to comply with government requirements. Under current legislation FTTP will not be provided to The Webb Estate as the house density is not sufficient to qualify under urban targets and, as we are within the M25, we do not qualify for any rural subsidies either.

Therefore, the only way for the Estate to secure sufficient Broadband service is to privately subsidise this.

After many months of discussion, an extremely favourable quotation has been secured from BT/OpenReach, the detail of which is following. This is a one-time offer, valid for 60 days which requires a minimum of 100 houses to sign up and ideally every house on the estate.

This is a critical project for Webb Estate so please, please take the time to read this short proposal & respond.

Meetings are being scheduled asap for each road to discuss and answer questions. Alternatively, residents can request a meeting at their home to discuss.

Finally, I would like to thank Liam Scorziello who was the instigator of this project as well as undertaking much of the research, and also Asoz Rashid, Greg Scorziello and Hannan Chaudery who have all contributed time and expertise.


Best wishes

Frances Dickens

Chairman, Webb Estate Ltd.